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Do you want to get to know your online trading provider? If you're going to invest your money correctly, this is what you should do: get to know your broker in-depth with all his services and, more importantly, with his trading platform. In this software, you will make the decisions that will determine the fate of your career as a trader. The XM demo account allows you to master both the trading techniques and the trading platform, so the only choice is to open one right away... even before you make your first-ever trading with XM!

As you're about to discover, XM offers you a practical and handy solution to get your training, to increase your skills in a world like trading, which still requires a lot of it. Opening a demo account on XM is the right choice not only because it is a free service that you can take advantage of right away. Choosing XM for a virtual account will make you quickly understand how convenient it can be to open a real account with the broker, even with small investment capital. There isn't a trader who hasn't deposited immediately after trying the features and ease of use of the XM platform, using it is a real pleasure.

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Many novice traders made the cautious choice to try trading on the demo account first. With XM the demo account is free and easily accessible for all new members. Following this guide, you can learn about the excellent advantages of opening a demo account with XM, but also about the intrinsic importance of using a demo account itself, which very often proves to be a solution to many problems that affect traders and beliefs... Let's not only talk about beginners! Even the most experienced traders make extensive use of the demo account for many reasons that you are about to discover by reading on.

XM Demo Account: Why open it?

To understand why you should always have a demo account, you have to admit one thing. Although starting trading is simple, the beginner is often suddenly thrown into a world populated with concepts and notions that he does not know and not easy to learn, especially at first glance. Like everything else in life, it would be enough not to be discouraged and do some practice with caution to overcome the initial bewilderment, but not all traders can exercise their calm in the most natural way possible. The demo account of XM helps to overcome the initial embarrassment and insecurities that accompany each trader in the beginning.


Trading requires you to learn many things, not too complicated concepts of course, but still, there are many skills and knowledge to do your own. Those who say otherwise are making fun of you. Those who can now call themselves experts and prepared to deal with trading in global markets have reached a certain level thanks to the commitment and dedication, at first, they were not better than you we are sure that many started from a lower level than yours. Using tools such as the demo account the most experienced traders have come over time to make money in this business, to make sure that money works for them and not the other way around.

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How to get the XM demo account

XM's demo account is easy to get and requires a procedure that is virtually the same as opening a real money account. With the only difference that the final step is missing: depositing money through your account or card of some kind, so we reiterate that you can get your account now for free and registering the way we are going to show you. The first thing to do as always is the registration that is done in the best and accurate way with real data gives you immediate access to the possibility to get 25 euros as a gift WITHOUT DEPOSIT. So if you want to open the demo account, you can already feel the thrill of the real money account even if you have not yet deposited your money to the trading account.

In any case here are the steps to follow to get the demo account:

  1. First, you need to go to XM's website. If the site is not in Indonesian, click on the button at the top right to change language and you will have the whole site translated into Italian in an instant.

  2. The next thing to do is to click on the button with the red writing "Open a demo account". Now you should be in the fill-in screen to enter your data in no more than 5 minutes because you are asked only the essentials.

  3. If you enter your email correctly, the broker will send you your login details there with username and password to use whenever you plan to use your trading space, so it is essential not to lose them.

  4. Once you receive the email, it's time to choose what kind of platform you want. If you have a PC or Mac you can choose to download the appropriate version of MT4 otherwise you can also choose to use the same platform directly on the internet with WebTrader MT4.

  5. To login to the downloaded platform you need to enter the login and password you received on XM, then click on XM-demo in the drop-down menu and you are in your demo account!

Now you can access the platform and use it as you like in all its functions.

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